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Friday, 11 April 2014

First stay over night

Those who know me, know that I'm polyamorous and bisexual.  Meaning I date both men and women and have multiple loving relationships at a single time.  All my partners know about the others in my life whether it's a first date or something more intimate.  Of course I don't discuss details of one liaison with another partner just generalities.

Recently I've been dating a remarkable young lady.  Intelligent, geeky, attractive and fun.  Three of these four things are some of my biggest turn ons.  Today she's coming over to visit me and even though we've had a handful of dates this is the first time we'll have had an over night date.  I don't care if it involves sharing my bed and just keeping me cuddled or whether she opts for the spare bed, it's just nice knowing that when I wake up tomorrow she will be here in my house and we can have cuddles.  Oh don't get me wrong I hope that we both feel that circumstances are right and we do a bit more than cuddle *giggle* but I'm happy just knowing that she is as excited as me.  We're both bouncing very happily at each other and I love this part of a relationship.  I love feeling part of a happy circle and hope that it never ends.

I know I promised to post filthy things on here but I guess I'm a bit of a romantic as well as a complete pervert.

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